Hi. My name is Andy and I have traded for a number of years. It’s a hobby. I actually think at one point it became a bit of an obsession.

I love financial trading so much that a few years ago I packed up the day job and started trading for a living.

Now while this sounds great I should state that I am not a multi-millionaire living on a flash yacht.

However, I am able to make a living from my trading. This means I am able to enjoy many benefits of life from the ability to escape the 9-5. I’m not stuck in front of my screen all day long. In fact, sometimes I only trade for an hour. This leaves me with plenty of time to enjoy my family and life’s pleasures.

I trade Forex, Stocks and Shares. I make use of several platforms including those for trading Forex, spread betting and Binary Options. I particularly like binary options as they are simple and offer high pay outs. While they are often through of as being simple, they can be used effectively within a proper trading strategy.

The aim of my site is to provide you with information about my trading and techniques. I don’t ask that you follow me blindly. I do ask that you read my articles and hopefully take something from them!

My hope is that I can help educate. If only one person reading this blog can leave the humdrum and set up and enjoy what is a relatively lifestyle then I feel that this blog will have been a success.

I enjoy interaction and debate, so please feel free to comment on any of my posts. You can comment on my posts, share ideas or just engage in some general chat. The idea of a blog is to share information and we all want to end up being better traders, right?